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Emergency Refresher Training (EN)

A fundamental element of a competence scheme is the regular training and refreshing of air traffic control’s appropriate and speedy response to emergency situations.
Controllers are not exposed to abnormal or emergency situations in their day-to-day duties. It is then understand- able that there is a need to practice and assess in a simulated environment. This helps to maintain not only actions from memory but also to review current procedures/checklists.
DFS Aviation Services can offer you classical emergency training topics such as situational awareness, emergency control and coordination as well as ICAO procedures for emergencies.
Abnormal situation training, such as unlawful interference and strayed or unidentified aircraft, can be pre- sented in conjunction with emergency refresher training.

• Refresh air traffic controller’s reactions and res- olutions to emergency situations and associated local procedures
• May be applied to test current procedures if required

• Situational awareness
• Emergency control and coordination ́ ICAO procedures for emergencies

Length & Scope
• Standard course is six (6) to eight (8) hours, depending on topics and simulation required
• Can be designed to your needs

• The training complies with EU regulations and/or ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices

Additional remarks
• Additionally, our experts can assess your current published emergency procedures and make recommendations in respect of improvement and compliance

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