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ATS Supervisor Training (EN)

In today’s ATM environment, ATS supervisors serve as the crucial link between air traffic controllers and ATM managers. ATS supervisors maintain safety and efficiency in an operational and tactical environment. Often called upon to make critical and on-the-spot decisions, ATS supervisors are required high-quality and focused training.
This training of DFS Aviation Services provides potential and existing ATS supervisors with the skills to maintain situational awareness in a dynamic environment while applying best-practice leadership principles. The participants also receive input on specialist topics that are relevant for a supervisor in addition to operational supervision.

• Enrich the knowledge about the duties of a supervi- sor
• Learn current working methods and tools
• Benefit from professional exchange and advanced training

• Principles in managing an operational environment
• Conflict resolution and team resource management (TRM) in a multi-discipline ATS environment
• Management of ATS licence currency and best practice
• Duty scheduling and human resource management, taking into account the essentials of fatigue management
• Pro-active and re-active threat and error management

Target Group
• New and existing ATS supervisors

Length & Scope
• Up to five (5) days depending on your needs

• Simulation and classroom training on site at our premises
• Also available via virtual classroom

• Certifications and/or assessments may be con- ducted based on your needs

Additional remarks
• The course can be adapted for supervisors with disciplinary responsibilities

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